A Club for all, hear what people have to say about us...


"I am really very happy to be a member of this great club. Even though I went to France, all the titles I won, it was also for the Budokwai. My Judo came from the Budokwai and the teachers at that time helped me to be what I was." Angelo Parisi, Four time Olympic Medalist. 


"The Budokwai was the place to come. It is the Mecca of Judo in the UK. And it still is." Neil Adams MBE. Olympic Medalist. 


"We just joined the JudoGym class and our son loves every minute! What a fun place to play!"
Anna, Mum.

"Working with the Budokwai has been fascinating. The history and depth of the club is unparalleled, as is the quality of their instructors. From the fun and care displayed with the tiny tots, to the nurturing and development of the juniors, right through to the years of experience and Olympic level knowledge passed on to the seniors, everyone is able to learn in a productive and happy way.

Everyone at the Budokwai seems connected by the same core values: most importantly, respect for others and respect for yourself. From singing songs to Olympic training, it's no exaggeration to describe the Budokwai as a family anyone is welcome to join. It really is.
Good luck to everybody there; we've loved working with you."
Jamie Partridge and Dean White of WhitePartridge Media. http://www.whitepartridge.com/

"I have had the pleasure of attending The Budokwai with my now three year old charge. We have thoroughly enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, very lovely staff, and of course the energetic JudoGym classes... perfect for a rambunctious toddler!  George and Lee who run our classes are engaging, friendly and most importantly lots of fun.  I have no hesitation in recommending the toddler classes here."
Lynne Wilson, Nanny. 

"The Budokwai is a uniquely ethereal space. It combines charm and grandeur and is a truly incredible location."
Fabien Frankel, Actor/ Director.

"We both look forward to our JudoGym days! George is a great host and all the children love him. We love the exercises, games and songs. Would definitely recommend!"
Amie, Nanny. 

"Really good fun! The gym for toddlers is absolutely perfect and the Judo is great. Highly recommend. 
Paul Zecevic, Parent. 

"It's been a safe and fun environment for us for nearly two years! We can't get enough of baby JudoGym! Happy singing!"
Holly, Nanny.