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Sabrina Francis-Murray, Member of the Reception Team at The Budokwai Martial Arts Club in London, UK

With my father being an enthusiastic Judoka I was in the Dojo before I could walk. Also having an older brother who has won bronze medals at National level, I had a lot to live up to.I have also competed in well-known competitions but now feel that along with Larry Stevenson the Junior Judo head coach, and the rest of the Budokwai family, my position is in helping new Judokas and their guardians understand the background to Judo, the BJA, competitions, gradings and to help show them how much fun and rewarding being part of a team can be. Judo has built my confidence; I believe it has also made me a more grounded and patient person.
Training at the famous Budokwai is also great as you don't know which Olympic/ European/ International star might stand in front of you for Randori!My main role here at the Budokwai is managing the JudoGym and Art Memberships, a child's first step into the Dojo. Here at the Budokwai we cater for all ages.Babies to Olympians!!

Sabrina - 1st Kyu - Judo

Sandra De Carvalho, Member of the Reception Team at The Budokwai Martial Arts Club in London, UK

After hearing a radio interview with Bear Grylls in late 2013, where he talked about how Judo has been important to him through his life, I was so interested in what he said, I found myself at The Budokwai days later and met Peter the Chief Instructor who was very welcoming. I have been training in Judo since and would need pages to say how much it has given back to me. Also the club here is a very friendly and a supportive environment that always has a positive vibration running through it's walls. I started working with the Reception Team in December 2017. It's a great place to be a part of and learning all things Judo (and other Martial Arts) and how the Budokwai works, is somewhere that I look forward to coming to work in and still continue training of course. 

Richard - Green Belt - Judo

Luke Cavendish, Member of the Reception Team at The Budokwai Martial Arts Club in London, UK
LUKE CAVENDISH         Reception Team

Luke is a graduate of the University of York and member of the National Youth Theatre. Taking an interest in Martial Arts at an early age Luke has studied Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kamon Wing Chun, Fencing and was even taught Judo when he was 6 years old by the Budokwai's own Lee Gonzalez!

Luke, Martial Artist 

Lucy Charles, Part Time Media Director at The Budokwai Martial Arts Club in London, UK
LUCY CHARLES          Part-Time Media Director
Martial Arts have always been a part of my life. My father is a 7th Dan in Judo, and my mother, two of my uncles and a cousin are also judoka of varying degrees. I however, have always been passionate about dance and in particular Ballet. At the age of 12, I began Karate at The Budokwai and found it perfectly complemented my dance practice.
As an actor it has informed my work ethic and has been a real asset in jobs which include stage fights. I now hold an 18th Century Small Sword Stage Combat qualification and have performed in a fight display with a sword and buckler. My study of acting has led me to explore the Feldenkrais Method of Movement, (whose founder Moshe Feldenkrais was a Judo teacher,) which has helped me approach physicality and character movement in an informed way. Whilst studying at university, I was also exposed to the Chinese Martial Art of Qi Gong. I always feel happier and healthier when I am training and for me, Karate provides the perfect balance. The Budokwai is a fantastic place to train and meet Martial Artists from all walks of life and from across the globe.

Lucy - 6th Kyu - Karate