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Judo Toss in a Junior Judo Class at The Budokwai
Junior Judo Students at The Budokwai
Junior Judo Students Practicing at The Budokwai


Judo is an incredibly popular sport to be taught to children. Not only is it excellent for all round general fitness, but it also emphasises on many other qualities such as discipline, focus, co-ordination and respect. Our Junior Judo classes are specifically designed for children aged 8-13 years. Many of our current members have either transgressed from Midi Judo classes or joined new to the Junior classes.
Our classes are structured to benefit all levels, whether the complete beginner or more advanced Judoka. We have two instructors in each class to ensure safety and to closely monitor the progress of our Judoka. Classes are often split depending on their level, to allow children to develop at their own pace.


The aims of our Junior Judo classes are to teach boys and girls the essentials of Newaza (ground holds) and the art of Ukemi (break falling) as well as Tachiwaza (throwing moves).
As the children’s skills develop they are introduced to the traditional Japanese training format of Randori (free practice) and Nagekomi (throwing practice).
The classes also include co-ordination skills with fun and games which are all taught in a safe and effective environment with highly qualified instructors.
We develop our Judoka through the British Judo Association grading system (coloured belts and tabs) as well as regular competitions that are both held at the club as well as on local and national scales.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays Saturdays - Boys and Girls of all grades including complete beginners aged between 8-12 years old.
Tuesdays - High performance and competition training
-  - Junior Squad only


Junior Judokas are graded through Mon grades (unlike adults who are graded through Kyu grades). At a junior level the highest grade you can achieve is 18th Mon (Brown belt) where upon you must wait until you are 16 years of age till you can grade towards your 1st Dan (Black belt). At this stage you will enter the adult grading schemed.
Junior gradings are held at the Budokwai approximately three times a year-usually in March, May and September. Novice – 6th Mon (Yellow Belt+ 3 red stripes) Judoka are graded in class time as these grades are based solely on theory and technique. Once you are over 6th Mon you will attend separate gradings held at the Budokwai which are based on a combination of theory and Randori.

Please see our Up and Coming Events section for dates and times for all 6+ Mon Junior gradings, and our Junior Judo Competitions (Budokwai Junior Judo Festivals)

Practicing a Toss in a Junior Judo Class at The Budokwai
Junior Judo Class at The Budokwai Martial Arts Club
Red Belt Practicing in a Junior Judo Class

The Belt system goes as follows:

1st mon - Red belt + 1 yellow stripe
2nd mon - Red belt + 2 yellow stripes
3rd mon - Red belt + 3 yellow stripes
4th mon - Yellow belt + 1 yellow stripe
5th mon - Yellow belt + 2 yellow stripes
6th mon - Yellow belt + 3 yellow stripes
7th mon - Orange belt + 1 yellow stripe
8th mon - Orange belt + 2 yellow stripes
9th mon - Orange belt + 3 yellow stripes
1st mon - Green belt + 1 yellow stripe
2nd mon - Green belt + 2 yellow stripes
3rd mon - Green belt + 3 yellow stripes
4th mon - Blue belt + 1 yellow stripe
5th mon - Blue belt + 2 yellow stripes
6th mon - Blue belt + 3 yellow stripes
7th mon - Brown belt + 1 yellow stripe
8th mon - Brown belt + 2 yellow stripes
9th mon - Brown belt + 3 yellow stripes


Judo Games, Mini and Mini Judo classes run on a termly basis, three times a year starting in January, April and September. Classes are designed to follow the academic year and to complement school times.

Fees stand at £110 per term based on your child attending once a week to his/her chosen class.

In order to avoid disappointment we strongly advise that you book early in order to secure a place.
Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis and cannot be made without payment. Application forms must be completed and available from Budokwai reception or can be posted or emailed out on request.

Once payment has been made we are unfortunately unable to give refunds and classes cannot be carried over to the next term.


Junior Judo Membership

per annum


per class

Visitor fees

per class

Judo suits must be worn when attending classes.

Children are welcome to come along and watch a class before they join. Our instructors or reception staff are always there to answer any questions you may have.

To become a member of the Budokwai Junior Judo section, simply come along to the club to fill out a membership form and pay the appropriate fee. In order to practice judo at the Budokwai you are also required to be a member of the British Judo Association and hold a valid BJA license. Application forms for the BJA can be obtained from reception, or are available from the BJA website
Judo gis (outfits) can also be purchased from reception and vary in price from £32-£45.

<< Schedule for Thu 26 May 2016 - Wed 1 Jun 2016 >>


Thu 26 May 2016
5:20 pm - 7:00 pm Junior Judo Squad

Fri 27 May 2016
5:20 pm - 5:30 pm Junior Judo & Beginners

Sat 28 May 2016
10:00 am - 11:30 am Junior Judo & Beginners

Sun 29 May 2016
no scheduled classes or training sessions

Mon 30 May 2016
Bank Holiday

Tue 31 May 2016
Half-term week

Wed 1 Jun 2016
Half-term week