• Sunday 24th June
  • Sunday 30th September 
  • Sunday 28th October 
  • Sunday 25th November 

Senior Judo gradings are held at The Budokwai by the Chief Instructor Peter Blewett. They are held on the final Sunday of the month, expect in July, August and December.

The grading fee is £20.00

It is essential to have a valid BJA licence with you on the day. Book in is from 11:30 and the first contest starts at 12:00.

To apply for, or to renew your licence, please go to the British Judo Association website.


9th Kyu Yellow Belt  
8th Kyu Orange Belt (Lower)
7th Kyu Orange Belt (Upper)
6th Kyu Green Belt (Lower)
5th Kyu Green Belt (Upper)
4th Kyu Blue Belt (Lower)
3rd Kyu Blue Belt (Upper)
2nd Kyu Brown Belt (Lower)
1st Kyu Brown Belt (Upper)
1st Dan Black Belt  

8th Kyu-2nd Kyu inclusive are allowed to enter a grading every 56 days. 1st Kyu and above can grade once a month. The Dan gradings at the Budokwai are National Gradings and operate outside normal time limits.

Dan Grades (Black Belts) are graded 1st-5th Dan. Honorary grades 6th-10th Dan are awarded by the national governing body and European Judo Union.
The grading requirements involves both theory and contest elements both of which are catered for on the day but competitors are normally expected to complete the theory before the contest section.


Midi and Junior members have the option to grade on the following dates, at the discretion of their instructors:

All must obtain a BJA Junior Licence in order to grade.

Junior Judokas are graded through Mon grades (unlike adults who are graded through Kyu grades). At a junior level the highest grade you can achieve is 18th Mon (Brown belt) where upon you must wait until you are 16 years of age till you can grade towards your 1st Dan (Black belt). At this stage you will enter the adult grading schemed.

Novice – 6th Mon (Yellow Belt+ 3 red stripes) Judoka are graded in class time as these grades are based solely on theory and technique. Once you are over 6th Mon you will attend separate gradings held at the Budokwai which are based on a combination of theory and Randori.

The Belt system goes as follows:
1st mon Red belt + 1 yellow stripe
2nd mon Red belt + 2 yellow stripes
3rd mon Red belt + 3 yellow stripes
4th mon Yellow belt + 1 yellow stripe
5th mon Yellow belt + 2 yellow stripes
6th mon Yellow belt + 3 yellow stripes
7th mon Orange belt + 1 yellow stripe
8th mon Orange belt + 2 yellow stripes
9th mon Orange belt + 3 yellow stripes
10th mon Green belt + 1 yellow stripe
11th mon Green belt + 2 yellow stripes
12th mon Green belt + 3 yellow stripes
13th mon Blue belt + 1 yellow stripe
14th mon Blue belt + 2 yellow stripes
15th mon Blue belt + 3 yellow stripes
16th mon Brown belt + 1 yellow stripe
17th mon Brown belt + 2 yellow stripes
18th mon Brown belt + 3 yellow stripes


2018 Gradings

  • Sunday 1st July
  • Sunday 9th December

Registration will begin at 17:00. The grading will start promptly at 18:00.  The cost of the grading is £20, plus a further £5 if you pass for your new belt. You must have a valid JKA England licence. To apply for, or to renew your licence, please visit the JKA England website.

The system:

When starting, Karate students have the facility to grade up to four times a year at Budokwai, to achieve the various coloured belts leading to the black belt level. Eligibility to grade is based upon a student training twice a week, permission to grade being given by the instructor, and three months having lapsed between gradings.

The coloured belt system is as follows:

9th Kyu Orange Belt
8th Kyu Red Belt
7th Kyu Yellow Belt
6th Kyu Green Belt
5th Kyu Purple Belt
4th Kyu Purple Belt with one white stripe
3rd Kyu Brown Belt
2nd Kyu Brown Belt with one white stripe
1st Kyu Brown Belt with two white stripes

After 1st Kyu has been achieved students then progress towards obtaining their black belt- known as Dan Grade- then there are ten levels of dan grade with the first being known as Shodan. Dan gradings are held at National venues, and not more than five times a year.
Kyu gradings are held at the Budokwai in March, June/July, and December of each year.

Gradings start promptly at 6pm and it is therefore advised for students to book in at least 30 minutes before hands. Students must have a valid JKA licence and grading fee of £20 with them. Gradings often vary in length depending on how many people are grading that day so allow at least two hours.


All students training at the Budokwai must hold a JKA England licence, which is renewable on an annual basis. The licence provides the holder with member to member and public liability insurance cover. The licence is also required to enable students to grade and/or attend JKA England events throughout the year.


For more information and to apply or renew your membership, visit the JKAE England website.